Equipping God’s People

Choosing Heaven

Choosing Heaven is a book written by Michael A Towle, the purpose in writing this book is that you might hear the truth about God and Jesus, find faith, choose to put your trust in them, and keep your soul safe for heaven.

“I have written these things so that you who read them can believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that by believing in him you will find eternal life.”

In this book there are 9 Chapters for you to read, you may download, read and distribute this book.  If you like this book you may register and login to continue to read and learn more about equipping you.

Chapter 1:  Four men choosing

Chapter 2:  Four men with a story

Chapter 3:  Why the book?

Chapter 4:  Simply True: The Amazing Life of Jesus

Chapter 5:  What Next?

Chapter 6:  Acts of the Apostles

Chapter 7:  Baptism and the Holy Spirit

Chapter 8:  The Bible and Prayer

Chapter 9:  About Church