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Devote Yourselves To Prayer

Devote Yourselves To Prayer

I have called this a workshop so that teaching and practice can be combined. Every so often I break for a time of prayer. I include a suitable example to get started so you can follow on with your own prayers as led. Whether alone or preferably in a group, you can pray about what has been taught. The best way to learn how to pray is to pray, personalising what has been said. My aim is that you will find prayer so exciting and joyful that you will cease to consider it a duty but experience God’s love and presence so strongly that an eagerness to pray becomes normal. Praying to the Father develops our relationship with him and draws us closer. Answered prayer builds our faith and inspires us to be even more eager as we see God’s hand at work.

I didn’t really want to separate this teaching from ‘They will listen to my Voice’, (Hearing from Heaven), because prayer is as much about listening and hearing, as speaking to God. More so I believe. On balance I decided to keep each teaching to a manageable length to maintain its particular emphasis. However, each needs the other.

I find it particularly helpful when I am praying, to maintain a constant mindset that asks the Lord, “What do you think about this Father? How do you feel about the things I am praying?” I find he is always ready to share his thoughts and heart and this helps to guide my praying and to develop intimacy.

The Apostle Paul uses an expression, “That which I have received I pass on to you.” That is my intention in all that I teach.

Chapter 1: Lord, Teach Us To Pray.
Chapter 2: Prayer is a Relationship.
Chapter 3: Learning from those we meet in the Bible.
Chapter 4: Praying for our Nation.
Chapter 5: My House shall be called a House of Prayer.
Chapter 6: Praying for Revival.
Chapter 7: Praying from a Full Heart.
Chapter 8: Prayers of Confession.
Chapter 9: A Cry for Help.
Chapter 10: Praying for Others. (Intercession)
Chapter 11: Praying in the Spirit.
Chapter 12: Prayers of Thanksgiving.
Chapter 13: Praying in the Garden.
Chapter 14: Praying with Power.
Chapter 15: Conclusion.

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