Equipping God’s People

I Pass on to You that which has been Passed on to Me

When you believed in Jesus Christ, he stamped his seal on you. He identified you as his own possession. He did this by giving you the Holy Spirit, who is God’s guarantee that he will give you the full inheritance of the eternal life that he promised.

The purpose and intention of all that I write and teach is to provide believers, and those in the process of becoming believers , with every opportunity to gain the whole of the inheritance that is offered through Christ. We have an inheritance waiting for us to claim in the life and the next.

Choosing Heaven

They Searched The Scriptures Daily

Heal The Sick

Those Who Believed Were Baptised

They Were All Filled With The Holy Spirit

You Will Be My Witness

When Heaven and Church Collide

Devote Yourselves To Prayer

They Will Listen To My Voice

Populating Heaven

Passing It On

When my Dad died, quite rightly, he passed on his full estate to my step-mother, so when she died I was bypassed. I didn’t receive a single penny or a single item passed on through her will .  However my dad passed on to me things far more valuable, and I was able to claim them during his lifetime.  He passed on to me a great example of high morals and integrity.  He didn’t drink or smoke or share in smutty conversations. He was totally honest and hard working. He was entirely dependable. He was adventurous and enterprising.  He would help anyone who needed help. Simply put, I didn’t need to wait for him to die to inherit his example.  My Great regret was that he didn’t leave me a spiritual inheritance.  He never showed any interest in matters of faith as far as I knew.

However, by God’s grace, I receive my spiritual inheritance from precious people of God from outside my natural family, and directly from my heavenly father.

When Brenda and I die, our two children will inherit our estate divided equally between them,  The spiritual inheritance we have to offer does not need to be divided. They can each claim it all, and claim it in our lifetime

It is a considerable inheritance, gained through many year of loving and serving God and being loved and served by him.

A large part of our inheritance is an offer to you dear friends through this series of books and modules. Whatever you choose to claim will not leave less for our children. Take as much as you wish. We offer it in sincere love.