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Equipping God’s People

Heal The Sick

Heal the Sick

Luke 10:8-9. If you enter a town and it welcomes you, accept the hospitality you are offered. Heal the sick and tell the people that the Kingdom of God is near.

These were the instructions that Jesus gave to the seventy-two disciples that he sent ahead of him.

I would like to start with a question. Do you believe that those who today consider themselves ‘Disciples of Christ’ should be following these same instructions? If your answer is yes, how much faith do you have, that you yourself can lay hands on the sick and expect them to be healed?

Chapter 1: An Introduction.
Chapter 2: Starting The Journey.
Chapter 3: Keep Asking, To Initiate Healing.
Chapter 4: Personal Healing Needs.
Chapter 5: Types Of Healing.
Chapter 6: Partnership With The Holy Spirit.
Chapter 7: Consecration.
Chapter 8: Healing Through Lifestyle
Chapter 9: Listening As We Pray
Chapter 10: A Summary So Far.
Chapter 11: Continuing: Praying For Others.
Chapter 12: The Sovereignty Of God.
Chapter 13: Some Practical Helps For Starting In Ministry.
Chapter 14: Deliver Us From Evil.
Chapter 15: Rejoice Because Your Names Are Written In Heaven.
Chapter 16: I Will Close With Words From A Hymn.

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