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Equipping Gods People

They Will Listen To My Voice

They Will Listen To My Voice

Oh, what a mystery! How is it that as we walk in our humanity we have the incredible opportunity and privilege to commune with our Holy God and Abba Father? Who can believe it? Who can explain it? Who can measure the magnitude of the blessing of being spoken to by the creator of all things? How can we deserve that the almighty God would speak to us out of the ocean of love that he is, always with the purpose of drawing us closer into his heart and purpose? How is it that he passionately desires our love and friendship and passionately desires that we know his? Why would he ever want us mere humans to become his very own children? Why would he consider us worthy of the rewards of eternity in the paradise of heaven?

How can I adequately communicate and do justice to the marvellous ways that we can walk and talk with our Father in heaven, even while we reside in the earthly realm?

Chapter 1: Hearing From Heaven
Chapter 2: God Speaks Through His Creation
Chapter 3: Through the Bible
Chapter 4: Through Our Consciences
Chapter 5: Through Creation
Chapter 6: Through Suffering
Chapter 7: Through Our Emotions
Chapter 8: Through Example
Chapter 9: Through opening and closing doors
Chapter 10: Through Invitations
Chapter 11: Through Dreams and Visions and Pictures
Chapter 12: Through Angels
Chapter 13: Through ‘just knowing’
Chapter 14: Through Godly, God Inspired People
Chapter 15: Through His Presence
Chapter 16: Through Literature
Chapter 17: Through Healings and Miracles
Chapter 18: Through answered Prayer
Chapter 19: Through an audible or inner voice
Chapter 20: How Can We Respond?
Chapter 21: This Can Be Summed Up

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