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Equipping Gods People

When Heaven and Church Collide

When Heaven and Church Collide

Just about everyone is familiar with the national spectacles provider that goes by this name. Their T.V. adverts are very clever and amusing. To make my point I will describe just a couple of them here. A hill farmer has gathered his flock of sheep for shearing with the help of his faithful Collie dog. One by one he shears his sheep and they trip out of the shed and into the field. Unexpectedly, the Collie, neatly sheared, follows the last sheep out while looking quite bemused and forlorn. The farmer is shown squinting at his dog with a puzzled frown. The caption appears on the screen saying, “He should have gone to Specsavers.” The second example shows a railway train arriving at the platform. The passengers alight. An attractive lady waves happily to a man she mistakenly thinks is her husband, runs towards him, throws her arms round him and gives him a long passionate kiss. Her husband stands by with an unbelieving look on his face. Once more the caption says, “She should have gone to Specsavers.”

Try Going to Specsavers
Seek Heaven’s Kingdom First
Choose Life
Answer the Call of Eternity
Let Go and Trust God
Let Your Roots Grow Deep into God’s Love
Do Things His Way
Be Content with Little or Much
Fix What Needs Fixing in Your Church
Be a Great Example
Call in the Master Builder
Make His Plan Your Plan
Become Equipped and Mobilised?
Don’t Journey Without His Presence
Find Your Vision and Your Purpose
Move from Fed up to Fired up
Building Faith through the Power of Testimony
Sit Often at His Table and Remember Him
Be Creative, Flexible, and Adaptable
Be a Magnetic Church

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