Equipping God’s People

You Will Be My Witness

The writing of this book was initiated by the response of the congregation of City Church Leeds to a questionnaire. This was designed to gather information that would be used to help plan the teaching program. A number of subjects were listed and the congregation asked to place in order of priority which subjects they most needed teaching on. We were surprised and blessed to discover that the topic ‘Making God Known to Others’ came way ahead of the rest. Our first thought was to produce a simple set of teaching notes and do maybe two or three teaching sessions. We quickly discovered that we had so much to share that we needed to write a book to do justice to the topic. So at least if you have to spend time reading it we can happily say, “You asked for it!”

CHAPTER 1: From Michael and Brenda with Love.
CHAPTER 2: Putting Off the Put-offs.
CHAPTER 3: So How Did You Get Saved?
CHAPTER 4: There is a Welcome Waiting.
CHAPTER 5: Street Wise.
CHAPTER 6: Prayer Opens Doors.
CHAPTER 7: You Have an Allotment. – Enjoy It!
CHAPTER 8: Neighbourhood Watch.
CHAPTER 9: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, and Off to Work I Go!
CHAPTER 10: At the School Gate.
CHAPTER 11: Brief Encounter or Long Patient Road?
CHAPTER 12: We’re all Going on a Summer Holliday!
CHAPTER 13: Family Matters.
CHAPTER 14: The Plumber Calls.
CHAPTER 15: One Foot in the Grave.
CHAPTER 16: Strike! You Can Start a Chain Reaction.
CHAPTER 17: I did it My Way.
CHAPTER 18: Tools of the Trade – A Man in a White Van.
CHAPTER 19: Community, Community, Community.
CHAPTER 20: Scaffold Man.
CHAPTER 21: From Michael and Brenda with Love.